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Intu Rituals

Intu Electric Lighter

Intu Electric Lighter

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Every year, Americans send over 350 million disposable plastic lighters to our landfills. We are talking about disposable products made of materials that will take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. Yes, they will still be here once we are long gone!

To bring a stylish and conscious solution to this problem, Intu designed a reusable and rechargeable electric lighter!

No plastic, no waste, no trees cut for matches, no propane nor butane nor other toxic fuels you inhale when using a traditional lighter.

Small enough to take it with you everywhere, stylish enough to impress those around you, sustainable enough to be the only lighter you will need (just don't forget to recharge!). PS: It's also windproof!


Symbols engraved:

Each symbol represents Intū, our rituals and our connection with nature.

Ceremonial fire, cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, and our third eye.


-USB charging cable

-Comes in a tin 

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. Do not touch the electric current to skin. Please use carefully to avoid overheating. Let cool if overheated.

Intu Rituals LLC is not liable for any burn, injury or accidents caused by the misuse of this lighter.

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