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reCAP Mason Jars

reCAP® Mason Jars | Sprayer & Pump Lid Set

reCAP® Mason Jars | Sprayer & Pump Lid Set

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What's in the Box: 1 Sprayer & Lid, Regular Mouth 1 Pump & Lid, Regular Mouth

The Sprayer: Put all of your old Mason jars to good use with this Mason jar sprayer lid. Use it in combination with a traditional regular mouth Mason jar to mix up your own eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaners.

The Pump: The reCAP Mason Jars Pump makes Mason jars the perfect multi-purpose container for everyday use! Transform canning Mason jars into soap & lotion dispensers with a lockdown saddle head for no accidental pumps, dip tube & a glass ball pump mechanism.

reCAP Mason jar lids are a must-have in any household. Combined with traditional Mason jars, create an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cleaning bottles & disposable containers.

Our lids are lab-certified:

• BPA Free • Freezer Safe • Made in the USA • Stain Resistant • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe

**Pump and Sprayer mechanism and dip tube size may vary and are sourced from multiple locations.

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