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Everything you need to maintain a healthy, well-balanced relationship with your body, spirit, and mind

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Your one-stop shop for sustainable essentials that make your house feel like a home

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Baby & Kids

Help your little ones discover the fun side of sustainability with organic, homemade toys and products that mom or dad will love, too

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Discover sustainable style with our Oh Eco x COUTONIC exclusive vintage clothing collection

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What makes a product sustainable?

  • Life Cycle

    This is determined by it's total impact on the environment throughout it's lifespan. The materials sourced are renewable, ethically manufactured, and can be recycled, reused, repurposed, or composted at end of life.

  • Ecological and Social Impact

    To be sustainable, a product must have a positive ecological and social impact throughout it's lifespan. This includes ethical sourcing, fair worker conditions and wages.

  • Positive Contribution

    How does the brand help the world thrive? Participating in fair trade, providing clean water and food equity, continuous community outreach are just some examples.

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