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  • Sustainable, Zero waste events in Orlando, Florida in April

More sustainable resources for you!

Here, you will be able to find blog posts, calendars and other resources we have curated for you to have a more sustainable-ish lifestyle. Remember, we all start somewhere and as the first sustainable, zero waste store, and refillery in Orlando we strive to give you the tools you live you need to live more sustainable life.

Welcome To Oh Eco!

Opening a sustainable store was always a dream of mine, but I never imagined would come true. But the true motivation for Oh Eco was twofold. My first motivation is parenthood. When we became parents we realized the urgency to protect our planet for our children and our responsibility to our community and to ourselves to live sustainably; so we started on our own personal sustainable living journey. Still, at this point, we never thought to do it as a business!

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