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Nellie's Clean

Toilet Spray

Toilet Spray

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Nellie’s Toilet Spray: Spritz in the bowl before you go! At a fancy party? In a coffee shop? College dorm? Heck, even in your own home? Nellie’s Toilet Spray is your go-to for when you gotta go.

Made with 100% pure lemon essential oils, Toilet Spray leaves your bathroom smelling lemon-fresh.

ELIMINATES ODORS Works by creating a layer on top of water to trap in and eliminate odours.

SEPTIC SAFE (NO BAD STUFF) Free from parabens, phthalates, benzene, ethanol & formaldehyde. Because the only ’toxic waste’ you flush should be from that questionable street burrito you ate.

NATURAL LEMON FRAGRANCE Made with 100% pure lemon essential oils.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY GLASS BOTTLE Small and convenient for on-the-go (for when you gotta go), Toilet Spray comes in a 100ml travel-friendly glass bottle.

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