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Veg Origins

Veg' Origins Coffee

Veg' Origins Coffee

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Veg’ Origins is a micro-roaster company, based in Orlando, FL and founded on the hope to create a mindful and impactful family business. They offer organic/specialty coffee blends, that are not only excellent quality, but will always bring you peace of mind, knowing that you are being kind to Mama Earth through your purchases.

Veg’Origins sources coffee directly from sustainable farms that protect the environment and the wildlife. We are committed to supporting farms that focus on maintaining the forest habitat and producing high quality coffee, with the minimum negative impacts possible to aid in healing the planet.

Shade-grown coffee, not only helps in protecting the tropical forests and the wildlife that relies on those sustainable farms, but also supports small coffee communities, and combats the climate change crisis.

Our coffee bags are backyard friendly -100% compostable- , which means that they are / look / feel different than the regular ones you used to purchase. So please, don’t freakout if your bags are not photoshoot ready and show some wrinkles or have lost its squared bottom shape when you open your happy mailer…that is only proof that you are reducing your footprints and being kind to Mama Earth!

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